About the Designers

Bitsy Blossom was started by two sisters with a love for creativity and design! Season is happily married and has one beautiful little girl and one on the way. Brittney is also happily married with three precious little girls. We are both stay at home moms and love being able to be with our sweeties and do what we love to do...be creative! Aside from being mothers, being creative is one of our most favorite things!

With no formal training and only a homeschool sewing class, we owe our creative talents to our mother, Robin. Our mom learned to sew from her grandmother at a very early age and continued to love it as she grew older. Our mother is the one who encouraged and fanned the flame of creativity for both of us. Although Brittney’s early love for sewing lasted all of about 2 weeks her creativity was shown in her graphic design work, beautiful bows and hair accessories. She is now the behind the scenes administrator of Bitsy Blossom. Season's sewing skills learned from our mom enabled her to create and perfect Bitsy Blossom's shoes through much trial and error. She has designed all of the patterns that we currently use in the shoe making process.

Each member of the Bitsy Blossom team brings their special talents to the table when it comes to the design process. We wanted to create a line of baby shoes that was not only comfortable and affordable but also versatile and fashion forward. We stay up to date on the current trends when creating our shoe lines. Color, texture and patterns play a big part in our inspiration when it comes to the design process but our sweet baby girls play the biggest part when it comes to inspiration. Thank you for visiting our store. We hope you find what you're looking for!